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Getting Started Guide

We have gathered a bulky list of questions from our users and provided the best answers to these.

What is MentorTribes?

MentorTribes is providing you someone to hold your hands while you learn that skill. Have you thought of learning and working in a real project? yes we apply that principle here. Your mentor is entitled to give you some side jobs to do while you're learning.

Why did we create MentorTribes?

Growth is hard and sometimes we just need to talk to someone that "gets it", and that why we created Mentortribes

How does it work?

Book a Mentor, fill the information properly to find you the most suitable mentor, pick a plan and We match you with a mentor. You will develop your skills with a mentor, exchanging ideas, solutions and encouragement. A mentor is always available to entertain all your questions as you learn. You are not alone.

What if I don’t like the course I purchased?

Your happiness is our concern, in as much as we don’t refund after payment; we give room for all eligible courses paid on Mentortribes to be switched to another course within one week of starting the course.
Example, you can switch from python to JavaScript, provided that the payment for the course is the same. If you are unhappy with a course, you can also request for a change of mentor, provided the request was made with a genuine reason.

Where can I go for help?

We understand the need that effective mentorship starts with quality communication. We also know that personality type influences many areas of your life and that is why we are working hard to get the best mentors assigned to our students.
At any point you are not comfortable with the assigned mentor, kindly reach out to our support team and a new mentor will be assigned to you.

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